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Haley Gant from Quest Trust Company shares how IRA is different from brokerage accounts, the importance of diversifying your investments, and advantages of Self Directed IRAs in the latest Upside Insights. Haley also highlights key things investors need to be aware of when investing in IRAs.

Some of the key things investors should be aware of when investing in Self Directed IRAs are:

  1. The time frame of how long it can take to transfer your funds between custodians.
  2. Open a Roth IRA for tax advantages. Speak to an IRA specialist to walk you through the process to open a ROTH.
  3. Understanding the rules of the IRA you are investing in.
  • You cannot use your IRA to invest in your own business.
  • You cannot loan yourself money.
  • You cannot use your IRA to buy a house and live in it.

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