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Our educational video series answers a range of investor questions and provides deep insight into the advantages of investing in multifamily REITs.

REIT Investment Process

Thanks to changes in securities laws passed in 2012, Investors who traditionally weren’t able to access large-scale investments can now diversify their portfolios by investing in REITs.

REIT Investing 101: Why REITs?

A real estate investment trust (REIT) provides several benefits for investors – a balanced investment portfolio, professional investment management, and risk mitigation are just a few. Watch Upside Avenue CEO Yuen Yung discuss the real benefits of a REIT investment..

REIT Investing 101: Why Real Estate?

There’s a reliable alternative to the rollercoaster of the stock market. Learn why real estate is one of the best diversification tools for your investment portfolio and how to get into real estate investing. Upside Avenue CEO, Yuen Yung explains the key benefits of portfolio diversification using real estate.

REIT Investing 101: Why Multifamily Real Estate?

There’s an easier way to own real estate. Upside Avenue CEO, Yuen Yung explains why investing in multifamily real estate (instead of single-family dwellings) is the smarter choice for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

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REIT Investing 101

Get foundational information on how REITs work, how they appreciate over time, and how they distribute passive income to investors.

Educational Webinar Series

Learn from industry experts about issues such as investing more tax efficiently, what the upcoming outlook looks like for investors, how to invest during a pandemic, and more.

Our webinars regularly feature industry subject matter experts from all over the country. They willingly share their knowledge and insights so you can gain knowledge and invest with confidence.