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Upside Avenue Multi-housing Income REIT

Passive Income Real Estate Investment

Income vs. Appreciation

Investment income is the money you are paid out on an investment. Oftentimes, income is referred to as your distribution or the dividend. Appreciation is the amount your investment has grown in value while you are holding it. An investment’s income plus its appreciation is the total return.

What is Passive Income?

Investing for passive income has increasingly become a goal for many people. But what exactly is passive income and how is it generated?

As the name suggests, passive income is generated without any effort on your part. Unlike your job (active income) or managing your own rental property (also active income), passive income investments require no action or energy from you. You receive ongoing dividends.

Providing Passive Income

The Upside Avenue Multi-housing Income REIT is a real estate investment trust designed to generate passive income for its shareholders. We professionally manage the properties within the fund, leaving no responsibilities to our investors. The result is the potential for a high level of distributions to our investors. Calculated on annual appreciation and quarterly dividend distributions (or reinvestments), our multifamily REIT has a track record of positive performance for investors.