The Upside Avenue REIT is focused on producing positive ROI for investors.

Our multifamily REIT consists of properties precisely targeted for their ability to increase in value over time through renovation and management improvements.

Access a stable class of investments with growing demand.

“America needs to build at least 4.6 million new apartment homes at all price points by 2030. In addition, as many as 11.7 million older existing apartments could need renovation during the same period.”

National Apartment Association

Number of units needed 2017 – 2030

demand Growth (Cumulative) 2017 – 2030

Our multifamily REIT

includes a collection of properties in high-growth geographic markets.

Pooled individual investments are distributed across multiple properties in the REIT to mitigate risk and improve overall investment performance.

Explore the current and completed multifamily projects included in the Upside Avenue REIT.

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