Upside Avenue Webinar Highlight

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Ever wondered how you can take investing into your own hands? In our March 2021 Educational Webinar Smart Investing for Women, Liz Gillette CFP®, Rachel Clawson CFP®, and Anna Sergunina CFP® from MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc. share tips on how women can become smart investors and a “Money Boss”.

This webinar discusses strategies for investing as women in the workplace, the pros and cons of female investor behavior, retirement strategies that benefit women, and how to maximize funds when saving for the future.

The table below is a guide on how much someone could be investing based on their age range and the type of investment.

Investing , finance , money

It is no secret that women are often paid less compared to their male co-workers. Women play an important role in their households and over the last few months, many had to take on the task of ensuring that their families taken care of especially with children at home.

Our speakers reviewed various fund accounts and how they work, including REITs.
Investing , finance , money

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