Information About Upside Avenue Multifamily REIT

Putting the Power of Real Estate on Your Side

Upside Avenue Multi-housing Income REIT

Upside Avenue is a real estate investment vehicle managed by an experienced, geographically-focused multifamily fund manager.

Our Investment Focus
Group 1

The Sunbelt Region

Encompassing the southern and southwestern portions of the U.S., the Sunbelt Region is recognized for its warm climate and rapid economic and population growth. It attracts both businesses and residents due to the affordable cost of living, lower cost of doing business, tax-friendly environment, and availability of developable land.
Group 2

Stabilized or Value-Add Apartment Homes

Similar to buying a home, there are choices when purchasing an apartment building – buy it fixed up or buy it and fix it up. Buying it fixed up is referred to as stabilized, while buying it and fixing it up – or renovating it – is called value-add.

Group 3

Undeveloped Land

We look for opportunities to build apartment buildings on undeveloped, vacant land.

Group 4

Equity Investments

We use an equity (cash on hand) strategy to buy apartment buildings.

Offering Highlights

Offering HighlightsOffering Highlights
Type of OfferingNon-voting stock of a non-listed real estate investment trust (REIT)
Manager/AdviserCasoro Investment Advisory Firm, LLC
Maximum Offering$75 million (or 7,500,000 shares)
Offering Price$11.29 per share as of Q2 2022
Minimum Initial Investment$2,000
Suitability Standards
  • No accreditation or net worth requirements
  • No more than 10% of one's net worth or annual income allowed if unaccredited
  • Anticipated 5- to 7-year hold period
  • Quarterly purchases as of the first calendar month of each quarter; subscription requests must be received at least five business days prior to the first calendar day of the quarter
DistributionsQuarterly (not guaranteed, subject to Manager's discretion)
Share Redemption Plan
  • No share redemptions allowed in the first 12 months of subscription
  • 2% fee for redemptions after 1 year but before 2 years
  • 1% fee for redemptions after 2 years but before 3 years
  • No fee for redemptions after 3 years of subscription
  • No fee for redemptions due to death or disability of shareholder
  • Redemption price generally equal to last quarter's NAV
  • Total redemptions are limited to 2% of NAV per quarter (as of the end of the preceding quarter) and 5% of aggregate NAV per calendar year, subject to financial condition
Tax ReportingIRS Form 1099
Organization & Offering ExpenseUp to 3% of the gross proceeds of the offering (reimbursed to Manager)
Management Fee 1% (annualized rate, paid quarterly to Manager)
Operating Expense 1% (annualized rate, paid quarterly to Manager)
Disposition Fee 2% of total sale value (paid at closing to Manager)
1 Manager will attempt, but is not guaranteed, to process redemptions, without penalty fee, in the event of death or disability. Manager reserves the right to restrict redemptions in order to prevent undue burden on our liquidity. Terms summarized herein are for informational purposes and qualified in their entirety by the more detailed information set forth in the prospectus. You should read the prospectus carefully prior to making an investment. Please see full disclaimer on the following page.