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Providing financial advisors and their client's access to income-producing, institutional quality real estate through our private market, multifamily income REIT.

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Are your Clients Looking for an Alternative to the Stock Market?

With high minimum investments, a lack of overall diversification, no liquidity and an overall lack of reporting, investing in private real estate has historically not made sense for many investors. However, Upside Avenue’s public, non-traded REIT addresses many of these issues. Thus providing access to non-market correlated, real assets, with low minimums and without the stock market volatility.

As a financial advisor, you take your job of managing your client’s money seriously – and so do we. Each asset in our fund goes through a rigorous property selection process designed to produce suitable risk-adjusted returns at the individual property level while ensuring overall portfolio balance.

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Upside Avenue marries the infrastructure and oversight of a time-tested investment firm with the access and opportunity of an exclusive private equity firm. We give all investors the ability to invest alongside institutions, family offices, and ultra-high net worth investors for as little as $2,000.

The launch of our non-traded, multifamily REIT gives financial advisors and their clients the ability to invest in a diversified portfolio of non-market correlated assets.

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