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What is Diversification?

Diversification is putting your money into different types of investments to potentially reduce your risk and increase your returns. It typically involves holding investments that are anticipated to react differently to the same market conditions or economic event.

For example, when the economy is growing, stocks tend to outperform bonds. But in a contracting economy, bonds often perform better than stocks. By holding both stocks and bonds in a diversified portfolio, investors have greater potential to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Gain Greater Diversification Benefits with Real Estate

An increasing number of investors are diversifying beyond the traditional stock and bond asset classes to include alternative investments, like real estate. Adding real estate to a portfolio has the potential to reduce risk and increase investment returns beyond stock-and-bond only investment portfolios.

Adding Real Estate to Stock and Bond Portfolio Provides Potential for:



Diversification Within an Investment

Just like diversification across varying types of investments can benefit a portfolio, diversification within an investment can also help increase return potential and decrease risk.

Consider an investment in a single multi-housing property versus a portfolio of multi-housing properties. If an unforeseen event negatively impacts the single property, returns will likely decrease and risk will likely increase. However, when investing across a portfolio of many multi-housing properties, the impact of one underperforming property is spread out across the portfolio and counterbalanced by better performing properties.

How We Diversify

Upside Avenue Multi-housing Income REIT, is a real estate investment trust focused on creating a diversified portfolio of multifamily assets. The fund offers:

  • Geographic diversity across multiple metro markets in the Sunbelt region
  • Diverse investment strategies balanced between acquiring stabilized and value-add apartment properties
  • Build site diversity across undeveloped land to house new apartment realty
  • Property acquisition funding solutions based on equity