Upside Avenue Media Roundup

Considering that Upside Avenue is part of 17 year old real estate investment firm whose leadership has over 100 years of combined experience, we are frequently called-on by the press and industry publications to write compelling pieces that share our views as thought leaders.  We do this out of a belief that potential investors and clients deserve transparency and to be informed as much as possible regarding how we see the world, and how it affects their investments with us.

Our monthly media roundup blog post is a sampling of our most impactful press pieces over the past month. You can read more by clicking on the links below.

A guest blog post by our CEO, Yuen Yung, CMFC, CFP® with one of our self-directed IRA partners, Mainstar Trust.  This post discusses how overvaluation and uncertainty in the financial markets has many investors opting-out of the traditional stock market, with its high fees and volatility, focusing instead on physical assets which produce real returns.

An Article on Entrepreneur Magazine by our CSO, Joy Schoffler, reminding investors that the first and most important aspect to remember when investing is preserving wealth.

In the wake of hurricane Michael, and the third worst day ever on Wall Street, Our CEO discusses how the keys to weathering the financial storms and housing market hurricanes is through data-based decision making and diversifying into real estate investments outside of the stock market.

Upside Avenue and Josh Womack from Womack Financial were recently featured in Aspiring Gentleman discussing the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid in order to overcome financial regret.

Upside Avenue’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, shares her views on real estate investing, REITs and building streams of passive income with Dominique Broadway of Finances Demystified.

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