SXSW FinTech Event Recap

As innovators using technology to bring real estate once reserved for the wealthiest investors to everyone, Upside Avenue travels the globe connecting with other leaders in the FinTech and PropTech space. While, we spend a good deal of time on the road, we love having the opportunity to share our favorite city—Austin—with visitors.

On March 10th, FinTex Chicago and FinTech Professionals Association teamed up with a stable of FinTech leaders including Casoro Capital and Upside Avenue to host an exclusive, private VIP FinTech event at SXSW for over 350 leaders within the FinServ, FinTech and real estate tech communities.

Following the lively party, our very own Joy Schoffler, shared the stage with industry leaders from Financial Solutions Lab, Legal & General America, and FinTech Forge discussing how financial services is disrupting the financial services space. The “Banking Disrupted: The FinTech Opportunity.”

In the panel, industry insiders including Ryan Falvey, Jim Galli, Jason Henrichs and Joy Schoffler provided insight into what’s next, how FinTech companies can partner with financial institutions, and where the opportunities lie within this next wave of innovation and market maturation. The panel paid special attention to FinTech’s role in increasing financial inclusion for underserved sectors, such as increasing access to institutional quality commercial real estate.

In addition to sharing insights on the stage our leadership team was featured in a number of publications, for more insights on the FinTech and Property Tech landscapes you can see a few of our stories on Propodo, Tearsheet and Digiday.

As a company who believes in our women leaders we were especially proud that our Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler was featured in a special report by the Dallas Morning News on Women leaders at SXSW!   

As SXSW comes to a close, we’re left reflecting on how new technologies are changing financial landscape from increased access to banking and insurance products to increasing opportunities for investment in real assets that were once only available to the wealthiest families in America. Technology is changing the game.

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SXSW FinTech Disruptors Party

SXSW FinTech Disruptors Party