How the Upside Avenue REIT Works

REIT Investment Process

We’re leveling the investment playing field.

Thanks to changes in securities laws passed in 2012, every day investors who traditionally weren’t able to access large-scale investments can now diversify their portfolios by investing in non-traditional REITs.


An investment that combines multiple smaller investments and issues shares in a pooled investment or trust.

1: Investors deposit funds into the Upside Avenue secure online platform and become shareholders in the REIT. (minimum investment is $2,000)

2: Once every quarter, Upside Avenue pools the deposits from investors into a larger fund and issues REIT shares.

3: Casoro Group uses the fund to purchase, renovate, and manage the portfolio of multifamily properties and sends the profits to the Upside Avenue REIT.

4: Midway through each quarter, the Upside Avenue REIT issues dividends to investors. The quarterly dividend can be issued to investors as passive income or reinvested into the REIT and issued as additional shares the following quarter.

Additionally, throughout your holding period*, real estate assets are periodically re-appraised. When you sell your shares in the REIT, you can earn additional returns from any increases in appreciation.

*see our FAQs for information about shareholder redemption and near-term liquidity and flexibility.

How the Upside Avenue portfolio properties are selected

The Upside Avenue REIT portfolio is dedicated solely to multifamily properties.

Casoro Group does the heavy lifting for the Upside Avenue REIT, purchasing, renovating, and managing each property and ensuring the health of the Upside Avenue REIT.

1. Identifying the Opportunity – Casoro Group has active working relationships with investment companies, high net-worth individuals, and financial institutions to source potential portfolio additions.

2. Subject Matter Expertise – Casoro Group employs experts in all aspects of the real estate acquisition and management process as well as individuals whose sole purpose is the enhancement of the communities who occupy the portfolio properties.

3. In-Person Inspections – Casoro Group performs an on-site evaluation with inspectors of every property before it’s added to the portfolio. Due diligence isn’t just reserved for paperwork.

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Less than 1 year         No redemption allowed

1-2 years                    2% liquidity premium

2-3 years                    1% liquidity premium

3+ years                     No liquidity premium

Shareholder’s          No liquidity premium
death or disability


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