Episode 9 – Upside Insights: Estate Planning Tips with Justin Buddy Arce

Wealth Manager, Justin Buddy Arce, RICP®, NSSA®, from NWF Advisory, is back to give us expert estate planning tips on avoiding probate and estate taxes. Listen to the podcast on Anchor.fm or on Spotify OR Watch the video here: Transcript Jessica: Welcome everyone and thank you for joining our Upside Avenue Educational Webinars Series. This series […]

Upside Avenue Adds 16.6 Acres of Land to Portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas – Dec 29, 2021 – Upside Avenue (Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc.) announced today that during the fourth quarter of 2021, it contributed $531,483 for a minority interest in CG Sunset Land, LLC (“Sunset Land”). Sunset Land is a development project consisting of 16.6 acres of land in the San Antonio MSA area. Our […]

Episode 7 – Upside Insights: Financial Impacts of Divorce with Dennis Bielik

Divorce is a major life event that forces a change in your financial plan. Managing Director Dennis Bielik, CFA, CFP®, FRM from TCG Advisors and author of Money Management Mindset: A Guide to Help You Prepare for the Expected and Unexpected addresses: Financial assets that can be affected by divorce How divorce financially affects women […]

Upside Avenue Announces 2022 NAV Change for Multi-Housing Income REIT

AUSTIN, Texas – December 16, 2021 – Upside Avenue (Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc.) announced today that its NAV will change from $10.00 per share to $11.47. This change will be effective January 1, 2022. The increase in Net Asset Value per share comes as a result of Casoro Group’s ability to increase net operating income for each of the assets Upside has invested in, thereby […]

The Top 7 Mistakes New Multifamily Real Estate Investors Make

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Investing in multifamily real estate is an exciting opportunity, but It’s also an opportunity filled with potential mistakes that could negatively impact your investment. Before committing to becoming an investor in a multifamily real estate investment, learn about several common mistakes to avoid.  1. Investing by yourself  Real estate transactions are all about the people […]

Upside Avenue Successfully Liquidates its Casoro Chronos, LP Interest for 1.5x its Principal Investment

AUSTIN, Texas – December 7, 2021 – Upside Avenue (Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc.) successfully liquidated its partnership interest in November 2021. The REIT sold its interest in the CG CAI Dallas Portfolio for $903,098.79. The partnership interest was purchased by the Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc. in February 2020 for $600,000.00.   “We congratulate and thank the whole team for this successful disposition. This is […]

Episode 6 – Upside Insights: IRA Help with Haley Gant

Haley Gant from Quest Trust company shares how IRA is different from brokerage accounts, the importance of diversifying your investments, and advantages of Self Directed IRAs in the latest Upside Insights. Haley also highlights key things investors need to be aware of when investing in IRAs. Listen on Anchor.fm or Spotify Or watch the video […]

Which Investment Is Right for You – REIT vs. Direct Real Estate Investments

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Many investors looking to diversify their portfolios with real estate may compare a direct real estate investment or direct deal with an investment in a REIT. Each type of real estate investment has its benefits and upside for investors, but deciding which type is best depends heavily on the individual investor. For some investors, the […]

Episode 5 – Upside Insights: How to Teach Children About Money

Money and wealth can be a hard topic of discussion with children. Kip Kolson, President of Family Wealth Leadership and author of “You Can Have It All—Wealth, Wisdom, and Purpose” shares principles and actionable steps that help teach children of all ages how to value and manage money. Kip will answer questions like: How early […]