Upside Avenue Successfully Liquidates its Casoro Chronos, LP Interest for 1.5x its Principal Investment

AUSTIN, Texas – December 7, 2021 – Upside Avenue (Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc.) successfully liquidated its partnership interest in November 2021. The REIT sold its interest in the CG CAI Dallas Portfolio for $903,098.79. The partnership interest was purchased by the Multi-Housing Income REIT, Inc. in February 2020 for $600,000.00.  

“We congratulate and thank the whole team for this successful disposition. This is a reflection on the quality of opportunities that the team continually adds to the REIT’s portfolio so that Upside investors can enjoy all the financial benefits of institutional quality real estate investments without having to worry about managing the investment themselves,” said CIO Chirag Hathiramani.  

Although Upside Avenue’s initial offering has ended, the management team is currently working on a new offering that will be available in early 2022. Investors can join the waitlist at 


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