Welcome to Upside Avenue!

The Upside Avenue team is beyond excited to announce we are now live and open for investment!

Upside Avenue was built by a team with extensive experience executing over $1 billion in multifamily real estate transactions. In the past, we have only been open to institutional and ultra-high net worth investors with minimums of $100,000. However, thanks to recent changes in securities laws, we are now open to everyone throughout the globe with an investment of as little as $2,000.

While Upside Avenue is open for investments, we are not new. Upside Avenue is part of the vertically integrated PPA Group family of companies. The PPA Group was launched in 2003 with a vision to help investors build wealth through multifamily real estate. Over the last 15 years, The PPA Group has grown from one-to-five companies and employs over 160 people.

While we started as a small investment firm, we quickly realized having our own property management, construction, utility billing, asset management, and capital market groups gave us the infrastructure to provide our investors superior performance and returns. It also provided us with a network of family offices and other investment firms who we partner with on new properties. This has given us access to deal-flow that can be hard to come by in these tight real estate markets.

Upside Avenue is a private market Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). A REIT is dedicated to purchasing different types of real estate, which by law has to disburse 90% of its profits. A private market REIT is a REIT that is not listed on the stock exchange. Private market real estate has a lot of advantages. They do not have to pay all of the fees of a public company nor are their prices inflated or depressed based upon changes in the stock market. This equates to more cash flow and upside for investors.

This diversification in private market real estate, coupled with the extraordinary tax benefits and income generation of REITs-which the NY Times reported as the biggest winner of the new tax bill-are why real estate has been a staple in wealth investors’ portfolios for decades.

At Upside Avenue, we invest in multifamily (also known as apartments), student housing, and senior living facilities. We love these recession-resistant assets because no matter how bad the economy, people always need a place to live. We invest in the best markets with the best growth prospects throughout the United States.

This is an exciting time to invest in multi-family real estate-which is projected to have a record-breaking decade with the new tax laws in place.

We invite you to join the community and experience the tax benefits, income production, and diversification of private market real estate.

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