Upside Avenue Muti-Housing Income REIT Opens Investment to Retail Investors

Enables investors exposure to high-growth multifamily sector across the Sunbelt

AUSTIN, Texas – August 2, 2022 – Upside Avenue Multi-Housing Income REIT, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Casoro Group, announced today that new investors and current shareholders can now purchase shares of the crowdfunded real estate investment trust (REIT) vehicle. Upside Avenue filed its Form 1-A Regulation A Offering Statement last month and can be found on the SEC website.

Upside Avenue is a perpetual-life, crowdfunded, non-listed REIT managed by Casoro Group, a vertically integrated, geographically-focused multifamily operator and developer with a decades long track record. Launched in 2002, Casoro had the vision to help investors build wealth through multifamily real estate. This non-traded REIT has been reopened to the public and offers investors access to Casoro’s portfolio of multifamily real estate not available on the public market.

“Our team is excited for this next step for Upside Avenue,” Casoro Group and Upside Avenue CEO, Yuen Yung, said. “REITs provide several benefits for investors and opening up shares of the offering will allow investors to further diversify their portfolio with an alternative investment.”

Upside Avenue intends to invest funds into apartment complexes across Sunbelt states with a value-add and an opportunistic acquisitions strategy which allows the added flexibility to develop land into newly constructed multifamily assets. Common shares are currently available for $11.29 each with a minimum initial investment of $2,000.00. The share price will be raised or lowered periodically to reflect the value of the portfolio of multifamily assets. New and current investors can invest more funds into the REIT and are given the opportunity to utilize a dividend reinvestment plan should they choose to do so.

About Upside Avenue 

Upside Avenue provides professional-managed multifamily real estate investments, once only available to commercial investors and high net worth individuals. Set to break investment barriers, this real estate investment trust is created by its parent company Casoro Group, an award-winning, 100% minority-owned, vertically integrated real estate investment firm. To learn more, please visit .

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