New Year, Who Dis?

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A reflection on the past year and who Upside Avenue is now 

Throughout Upside Avenue and our sister companies, we ended the year with a fun New Year, Who Dis? virtual baby photo sharing activity. It was a great opportunity to ooh and ahh over how adorable we all once were and wonder, “What happened?” 

New year

Not another New Year’s Post 

We join the hundreds of people to reflect back on how 2020 treated us and make goals for 2021. We borrowed some questions from to guide us. 

  1. How would we summarize the year?
    2020 has been bittersweet. It has brought chaos, uncertainty, and shone a spotlight on some ugliness in the world. But 2020 has given the world a chance to connect as one, all learning to live through a pandemic. There have been numerous accounts of the mercy and beauty within humans as they reach out in love, charity, and goodwill. It has brought us perspective, gratitude, an opportunity to grow, and hope. 
  2. Where was the majority of our time and energy spent?
    The Upside Avenue team has shown how nimble and flexible they can be during a pandemic. Our time and energy have been spent pivoting to changes and implementing improvements in our communications. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to attract more investors, understanding who we are servingand learning how to serve them better. 
  3. What areas can we take a step back from?
    We can step back away from partners, vendors, and methods that are making the Upside Avenue experience cumbersome and inefficient.
  4. Were those goals we set really that important?
    Upside Avenue had set a goal to raise an additional $5 million dollars and we missed that. It was a hard pill to swallow but we learned to understand that there were forces outside of our control that contributed to our missed goal. But the desire is still there. Wayne Gretsky said it best, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” so we are setting that goal again, along with some new ones.
  5. What would a successful 2021 look like for us?
    Before we answer this question, we need to take a step back and figure out who Upside Avenue is now and is this who we want to be. 

Investing , finance , money

 Who is Upside Avenue? 

Upside Avenue began with the vision to give access to the benefits of real estate investing to all, not just accredited investors and institutional firms. With a minimum investment of $2,000, people can invest in shares of professionally managed, multifamily real estate portfolio. Investors who were interested in starting to invest in real estate, or had previous experience directly investing in real estate, can now do so with Upside Avenue without the headaches of sourcing, buying, managing, and maintaining rental property themselves. 

As years went by, we evolved. We started to become more invested in people, not just real estate. As we reached out to you, our investors, we developed relationships and real connections. We found out more about who you were and what was important to you – your family, your work, your investment goals, and the legacy you wanted to leave behind. Those insights guided the content in our Knowledge Hub filled with articles, videos, and webinars 

The Upside Avenue Educational Webinar Series is developed with your input. We survey everyone to find out what financial and investment topics you value the most and find subject matter experts all over the country to speak on them. This is all in hopes to help you become a better investor who is more confident in making investment decisions. 

A Better Investor. A Better Investment. A Better Life.

Events in 2020 highlighted that, as a society, there are opportunities for improvement. Our parent company, Casoro Group, has a vision to provide Better Homes for Better Lives. We are working on ways that Upside Avenue can better align with that vision by answering questions like: 

How does Upside Avenue play a role in providing Better Homes for Better Lives? 

How do we create a better investment that contributes to a better life?  

What tools do we need to achieve this? 

Who do we need to achieve this? 

A Key Ingredient is You 

In addition to providing great returns and helping you become a more confident and educated investor, we want to learn from you. What legacy do you want to leave? What does a better investor look like to you? 

Share your answers here. 

About Upside Avenue  

For decades, the ultra-wealthy and financial institutions have been putting their money to work in real estate—now with Upside Avenue, you can too. We provide access to a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of income-producing multifamily real estate for as little as $2,000. Learn more about the Upside Avenue Multifamily REIT with targeted returns of 10-15% IRR and discover your upside.