A Little Valentine’s Day Love and Mouth Watering Recipes!

Upside Avenue Celebrates Valentines Day

As a PPA Group family company, Upside Avenue is part of a culture that loves gathering around our big lunch room table to share good food and fun around the holidays. We had high expectations for Valentine’s Day, and let us tell you that we were not the least bit disappointed.

Our own CFO Nalie Lee-Wen, with the help of coworkers around the office, cooked up dry-fried green beans and pork, Crying Tiger skirt steak, jaew chili dipping sauce, and mango mousse cake. Is your mouth watering? It should be. It was a delight to walk into the break room filled with heavenly aroma, the makeshift kitchen bustling with singing, laughter, and a cheesy Valentine’s Day playlist to motivate the sous chefs.

Every employee was given Valentine’s Day grams to anonymously compliment one another, a tradition started last year that is now an office staple on this holiday. When the food was ready to eat and the grams were distributed into our personalized bags, we sat and read each of our cards, picked our three favorites, and read them out loud to the group. The room was filled with laughter and praise.

Social functions like this remind us how grateful we are to be working with a group of talented and inspiring folks. We couldn’t have asked for a better bunch, and we look forward to the next social function. Stay tuned!