The Top 7 Mistakes New Multifamily Real Estate Investors Make

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Investing in multifamily real estate is an exciting opportunity, but It’s also an opportunity filled with potential mistakes that could negatively impact your investment. Before committing to becoming an investor in a multifamily real estate investment, learn about several common mistakes to avoid.  1. Investing by yourself  Real estate transactions are all about the people […]

Episode 2 – Upside Insights with Chris Palmisano

Do you want to know how you use your IRS or Employers 401K to invest in Real Estate? Chris Palmisano of Rocket Dollar gives tips on how you can use these accounts to invest in real estate. Check out the podcast episode on Or Watch the YouTube video: Transcript Jessica: Hello everyone I’m Jessica Lee-Wen, […]

Episode 1 – Upside Insights with Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega from Vantage IRA joins Upside Avenue in our latest Upside Insights to explain what are Self Directed IRAs, Traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs. Enjoy this episode with Daniel Ortega Check out the podcast episode on Or listen on Spotify Watch the YouTube Video:   Transcript Daniel: Good morning, my name is Daniel Ortega. I’m […]

REIT Investing 101: Why Invest in Real Estate?

Why is real estate investing so important to an investor or a portfolio? Upside Avenue CEO Yuen Yung talks about how real estate is an important part of any investment portfolio as a diversification tool that helps you weather the ups and downs of the stock market. The key benefits of owning real estate are: […]

REIT Investing 101 Why Multifamily Investing?

Owning a piece of the American Dream means owning a house. But what if there’s an easier way to own real estate? Upside Avenue CEO Yuen Yung gives two main reasons why multifamily is a smart choice for real estate investing. Are single family homes really the best investment? The new American Dream is renting […]

REIT Investing 101: What is a REIT and What are the Benefits of Investing?

A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, provides several key benefits for real estate investors. Upside Avenue CEO Yuen Yung highlights what these benefits are. You get professional management of your real estate investment. You get a well-balanced portfolio. A REIT spreads the risk out among many properties, so your investment isn’t tied up into […]

7 of the Best Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has many benefits including, building equity, cash-based income streams, hedging against inflation, tax breaks, diversifying your portfolio, and more. On the surface, it’s an attractive investment with significant potential upside but “investing in real estate” has many different options and opportunities for growing wealth.  Real estate investments can range from flipping […]

Tax Advantages of the Upside Avenue REIT

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Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a popular way for individual investors to own long-term investments like real estate without the hassle of having to buy or manage properties. REITs don’t pay corporate taxes and instead distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders as dividends. Due to their operating guidelines’ unique nature, […]

Upside Avenue Webinar Highlight

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How To Invest More Tax Efficiently Justin Buddy Arce, Financial Advisor from NWF Advisory Group gives tips on when and how to pay taxes, what taxes to pay, and the various tax categories for your investments in out webinar How To Invest More Tax Efficiently. In this webinar. Justin Arce explains the different types of […]

Upside Avenue Webinar Highlight

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How to Invest for Retirement Upside Avenue’s monthly webinars are geared towards reaching a larger audience and helping them to understand the benefits and importance of investing, managing one’s finance, and more. This month, we are highlighting a clip from one of our webinars, “Investing for Retirement“, with guest speaker Rohan Nayak. He gives tips […]