The Asset Class Americans Prefer

asset class favorite of Americans

One-third of Americans rate this asset class as their top choice for long-term investment growth.

Director of Investor Relations, Tom Parker, recently spoke with Mainstar Trust on why real estate investing continues to be America’s favorite alternative asset class investment. After the passing of the JOBS Act in 2012, investing in real estate is now even easier, opening it up the every day investor to enjoy the benefits of real estate investing.

Find out why savvy investors understand how investments like private real estate can create a balanced portfolio in this Mainstar Trust guest blog video.

Diversifying your retirement account with REITs.

Many investors do not realize that REITs are an investment option for their retirement accounts. In a recent webinar with Tom Schmidt from Mainstar Trust and Tom Parker from Upside Avenue, they address:

  • The benefits of real estate
  • How Upside Avenue is adjusting to the effects of COVID-19
  • Steps to start investing in REITs today with your retirement account
REIT investing made easy with new Upside Avenue website
REIT investing made easy with new Upside Avenue website

Investing in real estate for retirement is even easier as investors use self-directed IRAs to purchase REIT stocks. For decades, the ultra-wealthy and financial institutions have been putting their money to work in America’s favorite asset class—now with Upside Avenue, you can too. Upside Avenue provides access to a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of income-producing multifamily real estate for as little as $2,000. Learn more about the Upside Avenue Multifamily REIT with targeted returns of 10-15% IRR.