Connect with Upside Avenue at an Upcoming Event

  Upside Avenue plays an active role in the real estate investment community by frequently attending and speaking at events. Our team will be at a number of conferences throughout the United States this quarter and would love to connect. Contact us today to meet with Tom, Laura or Yuen at one of our upcoming events. […]

The No. 1 Way Technology Improves Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is easier than ever thanks to advances in technology If you want to invest like a millionaire, you’ll need to invest in real estate. But if you’re new to investing, and pause at the idea of putting your hard-earned money to work in the confusing world of real estate investing, there’s […]

Five Reasons to Recession-Proof your Real Estate Investment in the Sunbelt Region

Why multifamily investing in the south can help you weather a recession on the upside You’ll find real estate investment opportunities throughout the United States, but which ones are more likely to yield returns in the face of a recession? Recent headlines tout the impressive boom in new multifamily construction in Texas, a juggernaut of […]

Why you should diversify your portfolio

Stock market volatility can put a lot of investors on edge. Learn why diversification can help you hedge against the inherent exposure to risk you get with traditional investing. Diversification is the safest hedge against increasing volatility in the stock market. Even when the stock market is performing strong, diversifying your portfolio across various types […]

What Is the Simplest Way to Build Wealth with Real Estate?

Real Estate Investing is the core to building wealth – but is it easy to do? Real estate investing is a powerful wealth building tool. Since the beginning of time, ownership of land and property is what elevated a person into a position that provided security and opportunities not available to the average person. How […]

What is a REIT and how does it work?

Why investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) hedges against market fluctuations Real Estate investing has been one of the top wealth-building mechanisms since the dawn of time. But with recent headlines warning of downturns, people may be wondering if it’s still a smart investment choice in the current climate. That’s where a REIT, […]

WEBINAR: What do the experts look for in choosing a multifamily investment?

  Yuen Yung, CEO of Upside Avenue, will be sharing insights on what companies look for when analyzing a multifamily project, what assumptions go into underwriting a project, and what investors can expect for returns and profits in this current market cycle. He’ll discuss the reasons investing in multifamily real estate is a smart way […]