Nalie Lee-Wen

Chief Financial Officer

Nalie Lee-Wen is a skilled strategist and co-founder of Upside Avenue’s parent company, Casoro Group. Nalie’s financial acumen has played an integral role in the growth of Casoro Group and its family of companies. Within her role as Chief Financial Officer, she oversees the financial operations of Upside Avenue. With nearly two decades experience in real estate management Nalie brings significant value to the company’s operational management.

Her background has made her adept at anticipating potential problems and creating processes and systems to increase overall economies of scale. Having managed over $1 billion in real estate transactions, Nalie serves as a key member of the investment committee. Her extensive experience working with state and local governments, surveyors, vendors, lenders, and legal professionals brings subject matter expertise helping to identify additional cost savings and solutions to inevitable problems that can arise before investments pass the finish-line.

Nalie is a passionate speaker and a regular media contributor on the topic of financial empowerment.