Institutional Investors & 1031 Exchanges

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The Upside Avenue team has a long history of working within the multifamily real estate markets. As part of The PPA Group, a vertically integrated family of companies, we have been partnering with large institutions and ultra-high net worth investors for over 15 years. Having acquired over $1 billion in multifamily assets in up and down markets, we have the experience to navigate the challenges and to find the opportunities that are not available to all investors.

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At the core of Upside Avenue’s value proposition is our relationship with our partners. In addition to the deals we source with our internal underwriting team, as an established investment firm, we regularly partner with outside sponsors, ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices, and financial institutions from around the globe on offerings.

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Institutional Investors & 1031 Exchanges

Institutional Partnerships

Upside Avenue was launched to co-invest alongside our family office, Casoro Capital.  Casoro invests in stabilized, income-producing multifamily properties with proven sponsors throughout the U.S.  As both General Partner and Limited Partner side investors, we have access to a great deal of exceptional multifamily product and often serve as lead investor to other family offices and high net worth investors.  To learn more about institutional allocations in our portfolio, direct investment offerings, and separately managed accounts product offerings, contact us now. 

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